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Growth Mindset

At Drybrook, we have adopted the Growth Mindset philosophy as a whole school policy. The growth mindset is a way to teach people to believe that they can change and improve. We use this idea to help pupils to understand how they can cope with failures, accept and overcome difficulties and realise that challenging work and lots of practice makes them smarter.

This is sometimes referred to as the Power of Yet. The children have embraced the Power of Yet!

Growth Mindset is the idea from Professor Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Dweck has conducted a lifetime’s research into mindsets and established an opposition between a fixed mindset (the belief that intelligence is fixed) and a growth mindset (the belief that intelligence can grow).

The growth mindset message is delivered in class (not just in maths lessons) and in assemblies using a range of different resources.

We often use characters from the Classdojo website to help reinforce the growth mindset.