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As of September 2021, Dene Magna has been providing catering services. Please refer to the letter for more details.

All pupils in every class have the option to order their meals daily. School meal payments must be made in advance through ParentPay, except for pupils who qualify for Free or Universal Free School Meals. Accounts for pupils not receiving free meals must maintain a positive balance.

Effective 13 December 2013, the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011 mandated that food businesses, including catering services, deli counters, bakeries, sandwich bars, and schools, provide allergy information on food sold unpackaged. This regulation also applies to us, despite our meals being prepared off-site. All staff in Dene Magna's kitchen have received allergen training. For more details on the allergen content of our school meals, please contact the school office.

Regarding packed lunches from home, we enforce a "no nut" policy due to allergies and encourage healthy lunches that exclude fizzy drinks.

ParentPay Information:

We have transitioned to a cashless system, utilising the ParentPay web payment service, allowing parents/carers to pay online with credit/debit cards or in cash at PayPoint stores for various school-related expenses.

All school-related payments, including for trips and meals, must be made via ParentPay. For more information, please visit the ParentPay website or contact the school office. ParentPay offers the convenience of email or text alerts for low balances or new trip additions, and parents/carers can customise their accounts to receive these reminders. Your cooperation in making Drybrook School a cashless institution is greatly appreciated.