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Design Technology

Our Design and Technology Ethos at Drybrook Primary School

At Drybrook Primary School, we believe that Design and Technology (D&T) is a pivotal subject that intertwines creativity with practical skills, preparing pupils for a rapidly evolving technological world. Our D&T curriculum is crafted to stimulate innovation, nurture problem-solving abilities, and foster technical understanding. Our intent is for every pupil to become a confident designer and maker, capable of thoughtful questioning and equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Intent: Crafting a Foundation for Innovation

We are dedicated to laying a solid foundation where pupils can explore and understand the processes of design, construction, and evaluation. Our aim is for pupils to depart from Drybrook with a robust set of skills and a fervent appreciation for D&T, sparking a lifelong engagement with design and technology. Our commitment is to provide a stimulating D&T curriculum that captivates pupils' imaginations and encourages them to apply their learning across different contexts.

Implementation: Hands-On Learning and Creative Exploration

Our D&T teaching methodology is rooted in hands-on, experiential learning. Pupils are introduced to the fundamentals of design using a variety of materials and tools, progressing from simple models to more complex structures. We encourage a practical approach, where pupils can engage with real-world problems and devise innovative solutions.

D&T lessons at Drybrook are dynamic and interactive, allowing pupils to collaboratively brainstorm, design, build, and refine their creations. We aim to cultivate an environment where trial and error is a celebrated part of the learning process, and resilience is built through iterative design. Pupils are guided through the design process, from initial concepts to the construction of prototypes and the critical evaluation of their finished products.

Encouraging a Proactive 'Designer's Mindset'

At Drybrook, we cultivate a 'designer's mindset' among our pupils. We encourage them to be inquisitive, to think outside the box, and to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and creativity. Our D&T curriculum is designed to reflect the diverse needs and interests of our pupils, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. Through our tailored teaching methods, we promote the idea that everyone has the potential to innovate and that every pupil can leave a mark on the world through design.

Our D&T instruction champions independence, with a learning environment that encourages pupils to take ownership of their design journey. By instilling in them the confidence to experiment and the skills to critically appraise their work, we empower our pupils to not just navigate but to shape the technological landscape of their future