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Our Physical Education Vision at Drybrook Primary School

At Drybrook Primary School, we champion a dynamic and inclusive Physical Education (PE) curriculum designed to engage every pupil in a lifelong sporting journey. Our curriculum is rooted in the belief that physical education is not only fundamental for physical development but also for nurturing teamwork, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. 

Intent: Developing Well-Rounded Individuals through Sport

Our intent is to lay a solid foundation for an active lifestyle, instilling the values of perseverance, teamwork, and strategic understanding through a diverse range of sports. We are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to enjoy and succeed in physical activities, leading to a lifelong positive engagement with sports and physical well-being.

Implementation: Engaging and Progressive PE Lessons

Our approach to PE, in collaboration with skilled practitioners, is to deliver the National Curriculum objectives through captivating, skill-progressing sessions. We cover a broad spectrum of sports, revisiting each biennially to deepen pupils' understanding and proficiency in each discipline. Lessons are meticulously planned with a trio of manageable skills as success criteria, providing a clear progression path for pupils. Each lesson starts with a proper warm-up and stretches, followed by activities tailored to the focus sport, promoting safety, participation, and healthy competition.

Our curriculum is supported by detailed lesson breakdowns and visual aids that clarify positioning, skills, and objectives. The Long-Term PE Curriculum Overview maps out the units and activities for each term, ensuring full compliance with the National Curriculum standards. Inclusion is the cornerstone of our PE programme, with a commitment to teach all pupils by a qualified PE specialist.

Linking with Secondary Education and Beyond

Aligning with the practices of our linked secondary institution, we foster keen participation in extracurricular clubs and inter-school competitions, contributing positively to our school house system. We celebrate successes across a variety of sports and provide leadership opportunities for pupils to develop communication skills and tactical intelligence.

Impact: A Legacy of Active Engagement

The impact of our PE curriculum is evident in the confidence, skill diversity, and enjoyment displayed by our pupils. Drybrook Primary School's PE lessons are vibrant and stimulating, where every child can thrive and excel. Regular physical activity positively influences classroom learning, and pupils are well-informed about leading a healthy lifestyle. We aspire for our pupils to carry forward their passion for PE and sports into their future lives.

We gauge the success of our PE curriculum through various measures, including regular learning walks, pupil feedback, and analyses of PE premium spending and participation rates in after-school clubs and competitions. Our annual House Sports' Day, open to parents, emphasises skill development, participation, and the spirit of healthy competition, fostering teamwork and cooperation among our pupils.