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Safeguarding & Pastoral Care

At Drybrook School we take the safeguarding of our children very seriously. We have a Safeguarding team consisting of:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) – Thomas Henesey (Headteacher)
  • Teaching team (DDSL) - Claire Tuffley
  • Family Support Worker (DDSL) – Donna Hull
  • Willow nursery (DDSL) - Jade Davies

The Forest of Dean Trust places paramount importance on the safeguarding of all students within our school. Our primary objective is to create a secure environment for every student and implement effective measures to support any child at risk of harm. 

We understand that as students grow, they are influenced by a variety of external factors, including their surroundings and interactions both offline and online. To address this, we adopt a contextual approach to safeguarding. This means we consider the different environments and influences in a young person's life and how these might impact their safety and well-being. 

Our strategy involves a comprehensive understanding of each student's environment. We actively collaborate with other agencies, ensuring that we can offer timely and appropriate guidance and support. This collaborative approach is crucial in providing a safety net for our students that extends beyond the school environment.

For detailed information on our safeguarding procedures, you are encouraged to read our safeguarding policy. This document outlines our commitment and the specific steps we take to ensure the safety and protection of all our students.

If you have any safeguarding concerns or queries, please contact the school