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Testimonials from parents and students

Andrea Hampson (parent)

"I have had 3 children at Drybrook Primary School over the last 18 years and would recommend this school to anyone. Drybrook Primary has an amazing feeling of 'family' and is not just about learning, but also about the environment of learning. My eldest daughter stressed easily and so was provided with techniques to calm and relax her so that she could be ready to learn. My second child loved all things 'arty' and got involved in plays, choir, filming and art. She is now studying acting at LIPA and Drybrook Primary played a great part in boosting her confidence. My youngest daughter 'hated' maths, but with calm, sensitive, patient teachers she overcame her fear of maths and is now doing brilliantly at Dene Magna. Drybrook Primary has a holistic approach to learning and recognises the complete needs of each child. Thank you!

Zoe Weiss (parent)

Our four children thoroughly enjoyed Drybrook school. The school was warm and welcoming and there was good individual pastoral care. The education was holistic with many innovative activities. The boys particularly enjoyed Forest School outside!  Drybrook school gave them the feet to stand on for secondary school, where they flourished. Indeed, one of our sons will be starting his degree in PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) at Oxford University this autumn.

Elizabeth Morgan (student)

Since leaving Drybrook Primary School in 2009, many things have changed. I went on to attend Dene Magna School for five years, did my A-Levels at The Crypt School, and finally moved to spend three years studying at the University of Leeds. However, something that has never changed is my love for English. I think it was clear from an early age that the study of language and literature was when I lit up the most. I remember enthusiastically scribbling down my thoughts and ideas onto my little whiteboard during lessons, and the positive feedback and encouragement I received feeling so rewarding. So, it’s no surprise that I pursued that feeling ever since. In fact, I recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Literature. And I won’t be stopping there, I plan to follow my love for English and the written word so that I can practice my passion every day. There’s no doubt in my mind that the time and investment I received at Drybrook Primary has played a fundamental role in my achievements since. Whilst my strengths were encouraged and nurtured, I cannot forget the extra care teachers gave me to support and progress all of my academic skills. These were the building blocks for what I went on to achieve, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Lorraine Morgan (parent)

I have such fond memories of Drybrook School.

The feeling of "one large family" pervaded the playground and the classroom.  The staff took the time to get to know the children and the parents and I, personally, felt informed and involved at all times.  

We had the support of a great teaching staff; a proactive and motivated board of governors and a warm, welcoming and highly effective PTFA.

I am grateful my daughter got to spend her primary years at such a lovely, caring & nurturing school.

 Thank you Drybrook.

Beth Denning

Four generations of my family have attended Drybrook Primary School. For not only myself but many others, it is the heart of the village.

Drybrook Primary School sparked my love of learning from a very young age, through the consistent, comfort, familiarity and warmth that was provided by all members of staff.  I have made lifelong friendships at the school which I can pin down to the core values that Drybrook School instilled in me. 

Although I was never particularly academic at school, I was provided with the confidence that I could do anything. Since then, I achieved high results in my GCSE’s and A-levels, I moved to Sheffield independently, pursuing a BA in English Language and achieving a published dissertation and more recently a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology. I am now working towards a career in educational psychology. I credit my drive for this to my love of learning and school, which was formed at such a young age at Drybrook Primary. It’s given me a goal to make a difference much like my teachers at Drybrook Primary did for me.


Joe Watts (Student)

Dear Drybrook Primary,

Although a decade ago, the many years I spend at this school hold fond memories from my truly unforgettable childhood years. The school provided an encouraging environment for both learning and social flourishing. Having the benefit from the provision of this academic standing has no doubt enabled me to progress to gain my current achievements.

I was part of the 2009 leavers, although Drybrook school remains with me in many aspects. It’s true that many friends you make at college and secondary school you no longer stay in touch with afterwards, But the friends I made at this primary school I still see most weekends and we remain as close as ever.

Furthermore, whilst at secondary school, Drybrook were more than accommodating to host me as their rugby coach. I had the opportunity to see some of the wonderful work they continue to do and the unforgettable, kindness, love, compassion and care every member of staff has for the pupils in their school. 

I am now a Teacher of Mathematics at Drybrook’s partnership secondary school in Mitcheldean. I am really looking forward to re-enforcing strong ties with Drybrook school and having the opportunity to teach pupils that have benefited from the rich foundations, both academically and in terms of wider personal development, provided to them by this wonderful school.

Callum Matthews (student)

What sets Drybrook school apart from others in my experience as a student there were the teachers. They made me feel like I could excel at anything I really put my mind to, however difficult I found it. I really struggled to understand mathematics when I was younger and I specifically remember having Mrs Tuffley helping me to understand the equations. I remember feeling like I couldn't do it and although the rest of the class could, it just seemed like it was impossible for me. Mrs Tuffley really helped me when she saw that I was struggling with anything, and to this day I believe she supported me in such a way that my determination to achieve whatever I set my mind to, was greatly influenced by how she helped me to overcome small struggles like fractions. She made me realise that if someone else can do it then there was no reason why I couldn't do the exact same. I have now recently completed a 3 year degree where mathematics and statistics were core subjects and yes it was hard and no I don't want to do it again, but I achieved what I set out for and I got my degree. I whole-heartedly believe the only reason I was able to achieve this was because of my determination that was so heavily influenced by Mrs Tuffley I am proud to say I had a teacher who really cared for her students and Drybrook school is packed full of them.

I think we should all recognise that primary schools and the teachers that work there will play a large part in moulding the young children they teach, and in my opinion, I think they did a pretty good job with me. The last thing I have to say is thank you Drybrook school you shaped me into the person I am today and unlocked in me a potential that I can be only proud of.

Sarah Colliver (parent)

What a friendly and happy environment. Having moved to the area when the boys were 7 and 9, this village school provided a great grounding for settling in and establishing friendships and getting stuck back into schoolwork. All children are known as individuals, treated accordingly and encouraged to use their own skills and strengths. My two have fond memories of their time at Drybrook school and have both gone on to achieve and thrive as adults.

Sarah French 

There are so many wonderful things to say about Drybrook School.  The staff is all very friendly, there is a strong sense of community and everyone makes you feel like family. The wellbeing of our children was paramount which was one of the main reasons we chose Drybrook, our children have been very happy.  We have seen our children grow and become who they are today.  All of this would not have been possible without your contribution.  As a family, we would like to pass on our thanks for the impact you have had.  You will always have a very special place in our hearts!