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Main Uniform:

•  White polo shirt (long-sleeved or short-sleeved).

• Royal blue school jumper, cardigan, or fleece.

• Grey or black trousers, skirt, or pinafore dress.

• Dark or white socks, or dark tights.

• Dark, practical shoes suitable for active play.

Hair, Jewellery, and Accessories:

• Jewellery: Only a watch and small, plain studs in pierced ears are allowed. Studs should be covered with tape during PE for safety.

• Watches: Analogue or digital watches are permitted. Smartwatches are not allowed. Fitbits without communication or photo capabilities are allowed.

• Hair accessories: Should be discreet, minimal, and navy blue. Large bows and decorative headbands are not permitted.

• Hair: Dyed hair or shaved tramlines are not permitted.

• Nail varnish is not to be worn in school.


Where to Purchase Uniforms:

New uniforms can be acquired from:

• Gooch Sports

• Address: 2 Church St, Newent GL18 1PP

• Alternatively, orders can be placed on their website,


For second-hand uniforms, please contact:

• School PTFA (Parents, Teachers, and Friends Association)

• A variety of second-hand uniforms are available through the School PTFA.

 For more information or to make a purchase, please get in touch with the school office.


By offering both new and second-hand options, we aim to support all families within our school community.