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Values and Ethos

Our school is founded upon the collective pursuit of our leading aim and our students know what that leading aim is. We know that life throws us many challenges and we aim to work in partnership so that we can learn about what lies ahead and prepare ourselves for our role in not just modern Britain, but the world.  Progress is rarely linear, in life and school, and we are passionate that our broad and balanced curriculum complements our pastoral care and pedagogy.

Drybrook is built upon excellent relationships, honest conversations and unwavering support to get the best out of each other. Staff work together to improve their teaching, students are actively involved in leadership across the school and parents/carers are listened to and supported in our shared journey.

The modern world is a complex place and we seek to equip our students with the skills to thrive and to make a difference. We acknowledge that children have a minefield to navigate and we support parents/carers in their journey of development, but we relish the opportunity we have been given to influence the lives of young people in the Forest of Dean.

If you visit Drybrook you will see that there is a simple, common-sense approach to working with young people that is founded on giving and getting respect. Our staff love their jobs and we work hard to instil that love of our school into our students and the wider community. We are very serious about our role within the community and we are an active presence within it.